RE: AD structure for a school environment
Date: 11/13/03

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    Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 17:27:15 +0100

    > We are a college with about 100 PCs for students and 100 staff PCs,
    > with couple of staff members in HR, couple in marketting .....
    > I am not sure what would be the best AD design to have taking
    > into consideration that some data (HR data,exams,student's marks)
    > needs to be secured and in no reach from the students.
    > We will be using Windows 2003 and Exchange 2003 and Cisco ACLs.
    > The current setup is pretty bad, the students are located on a
    > different vlan than the staff and there is a one way trust
    > relationship between the students and the staff domains. However,
    > the students servers(PDC and Exchange) have had dual NICs for
    > years between the staff and the students network which is
    > pretty insecure. The reason to have dual NICS was to provide the
    > teachers with access to the students home folders and to be able
    > to share the GAL.
    > I am fairly new to NT/AD so I am not sure what the best design
    > would be. I had in mind isolating the servers on Vlan A, the
    > staff on Vlan B and the students on Vlan C but I am not sure what
    > is a good AD structure for the whole thing making it as secure as
    > possible, removing the dual nics and still be able to access the
    > students home folders and share the GAL.
    > Having a different domain for students or having a different OU
    > within the same domain ....???

    Well, i feel that i'm good with linux+cisco networiking and windows as
    endstation, so, i will do that in that way:

    2 VLANS

    VID1 = Students
    VID2 = Teachers

    Next, use linux or your cisco router for joining these two networks.

    To enable full access from Teachers -> Students use ACL's or, the best idea
    is NAT traffic from Teachers -> Students , the Students will be unable to
    access Teachers VID, because of NAT.
    Obviously, you can forward specific ports and IP's from Teachers VID.

    What do you thing about it ?


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