RE: USB memory supporting NTFS?

From: Michael Westlund (
Date: 10/17/03

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    To: "'Anders Thulin'" <>, <>
    Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 18:20:04 +0200


    The USB Memory Key from IBM ships with a software that enables partitioning
    and encryption of the contents. I haven't looked closer at the file system
    (FAT or NTFS) or encryption algorithms used though, but I suppose it's
    enough for most users.

    For stuff on my USB memory I really want to protect, I use PGP to either
    encrypt individual files, or create a PGPdisk partition file that I mount as
    a separate partiton. The secure wipe functionality of PGP works even better
    with a USB memory in comparison to magnetic media, which can "bleed"
    previously stored information. Even if you write something else on the same
    location someone might be able to retrieve one or more generations of data
    that has been stored on the same location. That is not the case with a USB
    memory (as long as it doesn't contain magnetic media... :-)


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    > Subject: USB memory supporting NTFS?
    >    There are a lot of USB memory sticks supporting the
    > various FAT- formats, but is there any that supports NTFS?
    >    I'd like to find some kind of USB-attachable memory
    > (short of a full hard drive) that supports NTFS
    > and so allows information stored to be encrypted by
    > Windows EFS.
    >    Or is the only way to use some kind of disk encryption
    > software, and install it on all systems I want to use
    > the USB memory stick on?
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