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From: Combs, Christopher (Christopher) (
Date: 09/29/03

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    Here are the differences in using IPSec or a personal firewall like Kerio Personal Firewall (Which I prefer)

    IPSec is controllable by policies and has no user intervention. Once the IPSec policy is assigned, that is it. And yes, it does perform very well with little to no effect on performance.

    A personal Firewall allows you to choose your filter options based on the incoming traffic. For locking systems down, I use IPSec. For personal workstations, I use a personal firewall.

    Hope this helps.

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    Subject: IPsec vs any personal software firewall

    I just want to know what is preferred from the machine utilization point of view, filtering traffic through IPsec or using any software firewall like Tiny Personal, Zone Alarm etc. Microsoft's documentation states that IPsec rules do affect the performance of the machine on which they are applied. Is there any proper guideline or 'thinks to remember' for implementing a performance and security affective IPsec or any firewall structure.
    Thanks in advance.
    Kamran Muzaffer



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