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Date: 09/11/03

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    >Hello. I'm trying to advise a friend about how to better secure his
    >WinXP Home machine, and have not found anything that explains how this
    >can be done. This is a home machine, on an always-on cable modem, with
    >very un-savvy users.

    Try these links to at least get you started. Don't know if you're
    onsite, but the web sites have very clear instructions for even the most
    unsavvy of user, especially the first one.

    > Thus far, I've discovered
    > that the Local Users and Groups is not available,

    Disclaimer: I'm not a MSFT security guy, just a paranoid developer who
    lurks on this list. Home has the concepts of "Adminstrators" and
    "Limited Users". Simple explanation on how to set this up here:

    Better explanation here:

    >For instance, it seems that to get administrator access, one must boot
    >to safe mode?

    Nope, all users are administrators by default (you'll, umm, probably
    want to change that <g>).

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