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From: Birl (
Date: 09/10/03

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    Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 16:58:33 -0400 (EDT)

    As it was written on Sep 9, thus typed:

    Dacruz: From:
    Dacruz: You can just set permissions on the log file located at
    Dacruz: C:\winnt\system32\config\
    Dacruz: }-----Original Message-----
    Dacruz: }From: Lubrano di Ciccone, Christophe (DEF) []
    Dacruz: }
    Dacruz: }Not sure.
    Dacruz: }You could create a short batch using dumpel.exe and filter the
    Dacruz: }events. See Q299475 for all the windows 2000 security event
    Dacruz: }description. I recommend to read this interesting document :
    Dacruz: }Account Passwords and Policies (see
    Dacruz: }
    Dacruz: net/prodtechnol/windowsserver2003/maintain/operate/BPACTLCK.asp)
    Dacruz: Christophe
    Dacruz: -----Original Message-----
    Dacruz: From: Trey Stevens []
    Dacruz: Is there a place in group policy in which you can define who can read the
    Dacruz: security logs? In our shop, we have domain controllers at sites in which the
    Dacruz: IT staffs are not domain admins but still need to be able to see the
    Dacruz: security logs to look for account lockouts.
    Dacruz: Thanks in advance,
    Dacruz: T. Stevens

    Remember that DumpEL is a part of the Resource Kit which is a separate CD.
    I believe that, in the past, one had to buy the ResKit separately.

    Assuming that the C:\ drive is not FAT (which I've seen) but NTFS,
    setting the permissions on that directory will not allow a user to
    view the logs via the EventViewer.


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