3 Comprehensive links in combat with MSBlaster Worm

From: Geoff Shively (gshively_at_pivx.com)
Date: 08/12/03

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    Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 13:14:27 -0700

    More DCOM Fun,
    The boards and lists are flooded with data on this little bugger. Almost too
    much data, and vital stuff gets lost in the myriad email chains and re:
    threads. I summed up these 3 links for easy access. Hope it helps.

    DCOM ISS Scanner:
    Microsoft Patches:
    DCOM Cleaner for Infected Boxen:

    And remember... PATCH and block the ports 135 - 139 -445 - 593


    Geoff Shively, CHO
    PivX Solutions, LLC

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