Re: Q811114 and Q815021

From: Eric (
Date: 07/03/03

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    Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2003 16:16:23 -0500
    To: "Floyd Russell" <>, <>

    Q811114 is an IIS patch (MS03-018)
    details here (files included in patch, as well as affected products):

    Q815021 is an OS patch (MS03-007)

    MS03-007 was originally released and thought to be important only for
    webservers, however it is indeed an OS level patch (ntdll.dll) and the
    issue can be exploited whether or not IIS is installed - the bulletin has
    since been updated to reflect that all NT4 machines are potentially
    affected by this issue.

    MS03-018 and MS03-007 are not related - they contain different sets of
    files, so there is no supersedence involved here - you should install both
    patches in order to be up to date.

    At 01:54 PM 7/3/2003 -0500, Floyd Russell wrote:
    >I'm confused by Windows Update ( not suprising ). According to Windows
    >Update I need to install Q815021 however, Q811114 is installed. Should the
    >latter, being a "Cumulative Patch", already include Q815021? I would think
    >so. Anyone else notice this - Windows NT Server 4.0 only.
    >Floyd R.


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