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Date: 05/13/03

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    At 12:13 PM 5/13/2003, Henry Sieff wrote:

    >However, for each of those mappings, make sure you don't use it,
    >because if you do have files in a publically accessible directory
    >and you remove the mapping, source code is made visible. For
    >example, most likely your app has some .vb files lying
    >around. With the script mapping, if I request a .vb page, I get a
    >big fat "Can't do that, Dave". Without it, IIS happily shows me the
    >source code.

    (just to chime in with my .02) And for the exact same reason, don't
    .bak files of your code and leave them on the server. Far too
    developers will copy an asp file to a bak file before making a
    change-- it
    is quite easy to spider a site for .asp pages and perform forced
    of .bak files to get hold of source code, like with Arsenal or
    such... It
    is a great way to get hold of source in many cases.


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