(prevent + detect Arp spoofing) + Securing Terminal Services

From: Dan Rowe (suedes098_at_yahoo.com)
Date: 05/08/03

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    Date: 8 May 2003 20:02:43 -0000
    To: focus-ms@securityfocus.com
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    Hello all,
        My name is Dan, and i am participating in a CTF contest
        I am going to be running a windows 2003 server, and administering it
    remotely using Terminal services.
        I heard about the man-in-the-middle exploit that has been found for
    terminal services, and have learned that using ssl with terminal services
    can avoid this exploit, but in my case, i am unable to use ssl.
        Last years contest went to a group that had wrote the Openssh to main
    in the middle everyone using linux, but weren't able to affect the
    windows users, this year they focused on writing such a program for
    terminal services. So you can see my concern. If i can administer my
    machine remotely and safely then i will have a decent chance of getting
    into other peoples, and keeping my services (web, mail,..etc) alive and
        So the question is how might i secure terminal services? from the
    server side only? I thought that if i configure the arp table on the
    server and enter the gateway as a static entry, and only allow it to
    connect to terminal services then i might have a fighting chance, becuase
    the MITM attack is based on arp poisoning.

      Thanks for your time and help


     p.s. if you have any other ideas or software for securing a server in a
    very very hostile network, please let me know.

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