RE: write permissions for IIS

From: busu (
Date: 03/19/03

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    From: "busu" <>
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    Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 20:17:41 +1100


    I am looking to configure ISA server in reverse proxy configuration.
    Any pointers for configuration file? Also any specific lockdown of OS
    and IIS on ISA server? Thank you

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    At 05:02 AM 7/17/2002, Matej Pfajfar wrote:

    >A web application that my company is developing needs to create MS Word
    >documents on the fly. It seems that these need to be saved onto disk
    >before being shoved down the pipe to the browser, which requires IIS to
    >given write permissions to a directorz that is readable from the web.
    >I know this isn't quite right for security but it seems that there
    isn't a
    >choice - are there any extra precautions we could take? Have other
    >found this problem as well?

    Depending on the web application configuration pooling, you could set up
    COM+ component in Component Services to run under the context of a
    user- this user/process could be given write-only access to the doc
    directory but not read or execute. The IUSR account could then be given

    read-only access (specifically denying write and execute) to it to
    possible permission abuse. I think it would take some tweaking, but it


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