RE: code red---- on system that is already (and has been) patched

From: Levinson, Karl (
Date: 03/03/03

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    From: "Levinson, Karl" <>
    To: 'Sandy Ryan' <>,
    Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 16:17:38 -0500 

    My understanding is that code 200 is exactly what you get in response to
    Code Red's GET /DEFAULT.IDA request, if you have installed the relevant
    security patch but have not yet removed the relevant script mappings from
    IIS. More information:

    Note that usually a HTTP code 200 is a disturbing code to see in the context
    of a worm, as it normally represents the successful execution of the attack
    command. In this case, however, the code 200 is inconclusive and does not
    in itself prove the success or failure of the attack. [Similarly, an HTTP
    502 doesn't always prove that a particular attack failed.]

    On the other hand, successful attacks from Nimda, Code Red, Sadmind, etc.
    will all show code 200's in the logs.

    As your customer might already know, just installing patches does not by
    itself make your server secure. Your customer would want to consider also
    setting the correct settings, deleting the correct files, setting the
    appropriate file permissions, disabling services, etc. Installing patches
    may protect you from many of today's exploits, but not the exploits
    discovered tomorrow. The Baseline Security guidelines for Windows and IIS
    from are one place to start, and/or the
    instructions at


    - karl

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    Subject: [despammed] code red---- on system that is already (and has
    been) patched

    well - I doubt that the log is right - because I think the 200 implies
    that its not infected - by when my customer sees his report - and path
    taken through the site he sees

    here's the log (simplified to get through the moderator)
    GET /default.ida

    u531b%u53ff%u0078%u0000%u00=a 200 0 206 4039 266 HTTP/1.0 [you know the
    url]- - -

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