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Date: 02/21/03

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    I have been using the SMS feature pack since it was released and it
    seems to address most of the weaknesses of SUS that others have
    mentioned. We are still deploying it but we have had good results so
    far. For those with SMS it is an obvious choice (my opinion), I wouldn't
    deploy SMS just for SUS since the cost would probably be high.

    1. Push install - We can install to any number or combination of clients
    using Collections. We use Wake on Lan so that we can perform updates at
    night or on the weekends.
    2. Reporting - The built in SMS Web reporting could be better but out of
    the box it is useful and with SQL/WQL knowledge it can be customized.
    3. Multiple products - It also does Office XP for sure and I think
    Office 2000 but with SMS we can deploy updates to virtually any

    Travis Abrams, MCSE
    Network Technician

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    Hi everyone,

    Microsoft's Software Update Service has been out for awhile (they've
    recently released a service pack for it, too) and I was curious as to
    folks think about it. If you're using this technology, are you happy
    it? How well does it suit your needs? Is it comparable to other
    like Update Expert, Hfnetchk Pro, Net Octopus, etc.?

    In addition, has anyone used the Feature Pack for SMS that contains the
    (as well as all kinds of additional) components? How does that compare
    the standard SUS?

    Thanks in advance,

    Brad Starks
    IST Security Team
    County of Marin

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