RE: Unhappy face icon on NT 4 workstation

From: Thomas Cameron (
Date: 02/18/03

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    From: Thomas Cameron <>
    Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 13:29:56 -0600

    To restore the icons, delete the c:\winnt\ShellIconCache file and reboot.

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    As for the unhappy face you speak of is nothing more than a mapping do an
    ICON (icon) either as a stand alone or to a area within a DLL. In the
    registry, if you do a search for "My Computer", you will be taken to an area
    that that references a GUID. In the values on the right pane, you will see
    something similar to:

    (Default) = REG_SZ My Computer
    InfoTip = Displays the files and folders on your computer LocalizedString =
    @D:\WINNT\system32\shell32.dll,-9216@1033,My Computer

    Under the LocalizedString, you will notice is points to a dll, and within
    that DLL are ICON type images. It is possible, someone who had admin rights
    changed this to point to another DLL which contained the "unhappy face". It
    might even be within that DLL, I have not bothered to check.

    That aside, it is also possible for the desktop to get "whacked" (yes I said
    whacked cause I have no other name for it) and as a result, Icons in general
    get shuffled over. In other words, where you might see a FOLDER icon, you
    will see a NOTEPAD icon, etc. Where there any other problems with ICONS? If
    not, I'd venture to say it was my first suggestions. None the less, the ICON
    in of itself would not bother be, but that someone had admin level rights to
    change this, would.

    I would suggest rebuilding that system, unless you can find how someone got
    in, and ensure that nothing was planted (i.e. back-doored). Good Luck

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    Subject: Unhappy face icon on NT 4 workstation

    Hi all,
    I've had some unexplained things happen on my NT 4.0 workstation. I was
    having some problems with blue screening before because my palm pilot cradle
    was not set up right with the baud rate. I also noticed that someone had
    mapped a drive to another server with the Administrator account. I know I
    don't know the password for that account, and that concerns me. When I was
    checking things out, I noticed that "my computer" icon was like a yellow
    unhappy face. I've never seen that before. When I placed my cursor over it,
    it changed to a different icon...but no the hardware drive that it usually
    looks like. After I rebooted, it went back to normal. Hasn't happened since.
    I've disconnected my PC anywhere, ran a virus scan on my machine and changed
    my password. Has anyone ever heard of a unhappyface icon on NT? Virus or
    otherwise? Thanks Donna

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