Re: Win2k log management

Date: 01/28/03

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    Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 14:59:50 -0800
    From: "" <>

    You might want to look at a product called UPM (Unified Performance
    Monitoring) by Intellinger Software.

    Check it out at

    > >
    >> I am currently administering over 10 server(advanced) and 20
    >>workstation (pro), The management of event/security/application log
    >>has become unbeareable,so im looking for a centralized management
    >>solution were the informatin would be gather from
    >>server/workstation to a specific server, so the question is: Anyone
    >>aware of such a software
    >> that could do the job ? commercial or freeware, I basically just
    >>want to avoid having to walk over to check them manually.
    >> also if anyone who has faced this situation is willing to share
    >> their knowledge on the subject...
    > > Thanks