RE: Win2k log management

From: Martin Robson (
Date: 01/28/03

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    From: "Martin Robson" <>
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    Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 12:55:50 -0800

    Have a look at Nagios. It's a fantastic program that is on SourceForge.
    While it might be nix based, it will defiantly do what you need it to do
    with everything being extremely configurable.

    Side note, have caution if you use Linux, Kernel 2.2.* on a dual
    processor machine. Nagios uses a lot of perl and I have seen things halt
    to a stop due to a SMP bug in the kernel while using lots of perl

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    Subject: Re: Win2k log management

    I use "bigbrother" to monitor my servers.
    Can send email/sms-pages/ if something occurs.

    Ronald Balk
    Borland Software Corporation

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    Subject: Win2k log management

    > I am currently administering over 10 server(advanced) and 20
    > workstation
    (pro), The management of event/security/application log has become
    unbeareable,so im looking for a centralized management solution were the
    informatin would be gather from server/workstation to a specific server,
    so the question is: Anyone aware of such a software
    > that could do the job ? commercial or freeware, I basically just want
    > to
    avoid having to walk over to check them manually.
    > also if anyone who has faced this situation is willing to share their
    > knowledge on the subject...
    > Thanks
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