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From: Rickards, Trevor ERM (
Date: 01/27/03

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    From: "Rickards, Trevor ERM" <>
    Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 08:41:45 -0600

    As long as you have administrative rights on the box, you can view the event
    viewer remotely. When you open the event viewer it has a folder which says
    "Event Viewer (local)" You can right click on this and choose "Connect to
    another computer..." which allows you to view/manage the event logs

    As you only have 30 machines to manage, I would probably skip using the
    event viewer and build yourself a custom MMC console with one event viewer
    for each machine, so you can just open one thing up and see all of the
    machines at once.


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    I am currently administering over 10 server(advanced) and 20 workstation
    (pro), The management of event/security/application log has become
    unbeareable,so im looking for a centralized management solution were the
    informatin would be gather from server/workstation to a specific server, so
    the question is: Anyone aware of such a software
    that could do the job ? commercial or freeware, I basically just want to
    avoid having to walk over to check them manually.

    also if anyone who has faced this situation is willing to share
    their knowledge on the subject...

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