Re: Win2k log management

From: Daniel Peterson (dsp@gvea.COM)
Date: 01/24/03

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    From: "Daniel Peterson" <dsp@gvea.COM>
    To: <>
    Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003 13:16:07 -0900

    The admin here before me purchased EventReader
    ( to gather logs to a database,
    and then view them through a custom written web front end. It works for the
    most part, but only seems to grab from one server at a time. It's not a
    real time view though, just snaps once a day. Useful for looking through
    logs for anything wacky, and archiving for historical purposes. It's got a
    free trial period, if you want to look at it.

    You could also just roll your own, using tools from the resource kit, if you
    want to put the time into it.

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    Subject: Win2k log management

    > I am currently administering over 10 server(advanced) and 20 workstation
    (pro), The management of event/security/application log has become
    unbeareable,so im looking for a centralized management solution were the
    informatin would be gather from server/workstation to a specific server, so
    the question is: Anyone aware of such a software
    > that could do the job ? commercial or freeware, I basically just want to
    avoid having to walk over to check them manually.
    > also if anyone who has faced this situation is willing to share
    > their knowledge on the subject...
    > Thanks
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