Re: w2k server compromised

From: Kurt Seifried (
Date: 01/23/03

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    From: "Kurt Seifried" <>
    To: "Dan Uscatu" <>, <>
    Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 14:14:48 -0800

    > hey all
    > i just found one of the w2k servers to be infected and acting very
    > strangely.
    > unfortunately it is a domain controller and it has all the
    > users/computers lists.
    > how can i export these before reinstall in order to keep the exact same
    > configuration (everything except passwords of course) ?
    > i suppose this could be usefull to be done on a regular basis too...
    > TIA

    Create a BDC (backup domain controller), any old system will do from the
    sounds of it (if you onyl have one PDC and no BDC's then your network
    probably isn't to large), attach it to the network, it will sync with the
    PDC, you now have a copy of all accounts/passwords, you may need to manually
    copy profiles/etc/etc, do so. Then unplug the PDC, and promote the BDC to a
    PDC. Voila. A new clean PDC. Repeat as needed if you want to swap the old
    PDC back in, but this may be a good excuse to get a new server for the PDC.
    Plus this leaves the old PDC for forensics examination.

    You may also want to enable a lot more logging in future and have windows
    auto-update installed, as well as an anti-virus package etc, etc.

    Kurt Seifried,
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