Re: How to kill OL2000 ability to render html mail

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Date: 12/20/02

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    If you just want to avoid web bugs and sucking bandwidth, I go ahead and let
    outlook render the page but have a personal firewall watch the apps (like
    tiny firewall (free I think)), and ban the Outlook executable from hitting
    anything but the email server (on the email ports only).

    Usually this is transparent to the user, but I personally force the firewall
    software to prompt me on each outbound SMTP connection from the outlook
    executable in the rare event I do get a virus, this will help mitigate
    infections to others.

    Note that this won't protect you from interpreted HTML exploits and such
    that can be included in an email (Klez for example). The firewall does
    catch Klez trying to spread (tested it).


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    Subject: How to kill OL2000 ability to render html mail

    > Hi,
    > I am looking for a way to prevent Outlook 2000 rendering html
    > email.
    > I don't want to block it, just prevent Outlook from sucking
    > a billion bytes of crap from the internet just to render some
    > piece of spam (IMHO all html mail is spam ;) ).
    > I don't care if all you see is the original html code, however
    > unreadable that might be.
    > A side issue is to further prevent any active content.
    > Outlook is fully patched & locked down as far as I can get it.
    > Does anyone know of a registry hack/add in tool that can make
    > this happen? Or is this a mail server issue requiring server
    > based fixes?
    > Changing to another email client is not an option as the LAN
    > is based on Exchange, and the calendar/collaborative functions
    > are needed.
    > TIA

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