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Date: 11/26/02

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    Hi Dean, I would suggest you go through these URL's in order to clear your queries.;en-us;q278339;en-us;q280132;en-us;q148732 Hope this helps.. Cheers, Netfilter On Sat, 23 Nov 2002 Dean Pullen wrote : >Hi guys, > >I've basically been told that we require an Exchange >system operated within our DMZ setup. After much >reading I've decided to go for a front-end, back-end >Exhange system, with the Exchange front-end in the DMZ >and the back-end in the LAN. However, even though I've >opened up all the ports specified in MS' white papers >between the DMZ and LAN, I cannot connect to the >domain/active directory from the Front-End server. How >do I go about this? I mean all I am trying at the >moment is to connect to our internal Domain by >accessing the network ID in the My Computer properties >and trying typing in the Domain. Do I have to do >anything else?! Sorry for my amateurishness(!) but >we're a small firm and cannot afford a fully-fledged >exchange specialist, thus I'm doing it! > >Thanks in advance. > >Dean Pullen. > > >__________________________________________________ >Do you Yahoo!? >Yahoo! Mail Plus Powerful. Affordable. Sign up now. >

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