RE: How ISA rule base works and how to bind users IP with MAC.

From: Tiger (
Date: 10/24/02

From: "Tiger" <>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 12:04:06 +0100

Thanks for the suggestions Aristides!
"you'll want to probably look at using the firewall client to control
who has access through the firewall"
My requirement is to allow selected users from his machine only. It
might be through ISA or domain. Thanks again.


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Subject: RE: How ISA rule base works and how to bind users IP with
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 13:40:15 -0400

>Check out Great site with a lot of information.
>It's design is a little weird at first but you get used to it. It's
>actually a very interesting package.
>If you're looking to lockdown user access sounds like you're looking
>at a combination of restricting their login via domain user account
>permissions, and then you'll want to probably look at using the
>firewall client to control who has access through the firewall. The
>client folder will have been created automatically as a share off of
>your isa server.
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>Subject: How ISA rule base works and how to bind users IP with MAC.
>Hi All,
>Microsoft ISA Server・s rule base engine first of all denies all
>requests and then allows. This increases complicacy. How this rule
>base works is not very clear to me. First of all implicitly it denies
>all request given in rule base, than allows explicitly allowed rules
>and rest deny all.
>When it says allow explicitly allowed rules, then what does it mean?
>How it picks rules and what would be the sequence?
>1. Access Policy
> Site and Content Rules
> Packet Filters
>2. Publishing Rule
> Web Publishing
> Server Publishing
>I can・t understand logic behind Microsoft・s such design, why not
>simple rule base like checkpoint or any other firewall.
>I have ISA Server Installed. Only selected LAN users are allowed to
>access Internet. It・s authenticating users from Domain Controller.
>Here my requirement is to allow selected LAN users to access Internet
>only from their machine. I have tried allowing them through two ways
>1.IP Basis 2.User Basis but both has its limitations
>1. IP based: a user can ask or guess someone・s IP and put in his
>machine and get access when allowed machine is powered off or NIC is
>2. User based: Passwords can be shared among users and they can
>access Internet from any machine.
>There should be some way in Domain Controller to bind user・s access
>from their machine or assigned IP only. Any Idea?
>Is there any solution in ISA only?
>We can reserve IP in DHCP with MAC address and works fine only in the
>case when user request DHCP to release IP.
>I mean when user select option to :Obtain IP address automatically;
>If he assign IP manually then he can enter into domain and access
>internet. My purpose can be solved if I get any way to restrict him
>to domain.
>My friend has cable connection. His machine is not into domain. He is
>getting access through MAC + IP address only. Coz of some reason if
>he changes MAC or IP his internet doesn・t works.
>Any suggestion most welcome f
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