Updated Patches with SUS.

From: Mikael Andersson (mikael.andersson@direkt.se)
Date: 10/14/02

Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 08:58:22 +0200
From: "Mikael Andersson" <mikael.andersson@direkt.se>

When I was to approve new updates this morning in the Software Update
Services i noticed that i have recived 24 new updated patches this
weekend. Some of this patches was originally release in year 2000.
Can anyone explain what updates Microsoft have done in this patches?

Here are som examples of patches updated this weekend:
MS00-043, MS00-045, MS00-046, MS00-098, MS01-017, Q309521, Q317277,
MS01-056, MS01-029, MS02-013, MS02-012, MS02-006, Q324380, Q315403...

Mikael Andersson, System Administrator, Nyhetsbyrån Direkt AB
Email: mikael.andersson@direkt.se Web: http://www.direkt.se

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