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From: Byrne, David (
Date: 09/06/02

From: "Byrne, David" <>
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 15:12:08 -0600 

My take is that a new and/or stupid manager at Microsoft panicked. The
article describes planting trojans and changing security settings. This is
so vague and so common in intrusions that it could mean anything. They are
probably seeing a number of systems compromised by a single
person/group/tool. Nothing in the article indicates the intrusions were
through a common vulnerability or configuration mistake. What is there
solution? "Fully-patched computers that follow security best practices
provide the best protection from hacking or other malicious software." It
reads like an NIPC alert. Vague threat, common symptoms and obvious

David Byrne

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Has anyone heard of the new MS security problem...?

Here is the link:;en-us;Q328691

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