RE: Anyone know what "piiserviceO" is?

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Date: 09/03/02

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Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 12:14:08 -0700

Sorry, once again I left out some crucial info (I'll get the hang of this

I did re-boot the system after cleaning the registry, and the process is no
longer listed in the Task Manager - though another strange thing about the
process, when it was there, was that it's CPU and Mem usage was 0% and 0k
respectively. I'm beginning to suspect that it's a badly written,
non-functional, component of an application, or that it's left-over garbage
that the programmers forgot to take out.

Amer Karim
Nautilis Information Systems

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> I went through all those steps, and posted only when
> I could find no info at all.

Interesting. So you saw the service named in the Task
Manager, but running pslist.exe did not show the
associated process name or PID...interesting.

> There was no entry, other than the key name,
> in the registry key.

That means that the image should be in
c:\winnt\system32, if there is one.

> I
> ran fport to see if there were any open ports
> associated with it, or any
> 'strange' ports open, and found nothing that wasn't
> supposed to be there.
> The other tools also returned no info on it, which
> is why I decided to
> delete the reg entry associated with to see if it
> would have an effect on the system.

When you say it didn't have an effect on the system, I
am assuming that means that the process was still
running in the Task Manager...otherwise, this would
have been an effect. However, I wouldn't expect
deleting the Registry key to have much of an effect,
unless you rebooted the system.

> It didn't, so I was left with what
> appeared to be an entry in
> the 'Run' branch of the registry that apparently
> didn't do anything. Hence
> the post here to see if anyone else had heard of
> this thing. I've come to
> believe it may have something to do with the Palm
> Software (refer to
> previous message) but haven't been able to verify
> this. Sorry, I should
> have given more detail as to what I did before I
> deleted the reg keys. The
> thing that has me flummoxed is that there seems to
> be no info on this thing,
> other than
> win95/5527.piiservice.gif, and I'm not sure how
> relevant that would be to a
> W2K system.

Well, if it runs on Win95, it's either a Win32 program
or a DOS16 program, both of which run on Win2K.

> Thanks for the suggestions, though. If I find
> anything new, I'll let you know.

Sounds good. Good luck.

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