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Date: 08/20/02

Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 11:48:40 -0400
From: "Christian Freas" <>
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This can be done using a GPO
Select computer configuration -> security settings -> security options
-> interactive logon : display message for users logging on.
Click the enable box, and fill in the text box. Apply this GPO at the
domain level or the OU level of the group of users you wish to affect

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Hi all,
   I am trying to configurate my Windows XP so that it will display my
message during logon time(preferred) or after logon but before most of
other tasks run. The message that I am trying to display is the user
agreement. I prefer that it could show up before they putin their
password but if not possible it could be after the have logged on and
run as a startup script.
   I hope this could run in a secure way and applies to all users(remote
logon or local logon).
   I have been asking this question on many forums and I guess this
mailing list might not be the perfect one to go. However, as my last
hope, I really wish someone could give me a hint.

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