RE: VPN between Windows 98 and Win2k

From: Benjamin D. Goldman (
Date: 08/17/02

Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 18:22:11 -0400
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Make sure you have the most up to date encryption package on win98 - i
havnt done this connection in a while, and never to windows 2000, but I
do remember some mega issues connection win98 type to winNT type
computers with the built in VPN stuff. I also remember solving the
problems by upgrading the encryption package (win DUN or what ever they
call it now)

Beyond that, make sure that you have set all of the compression
interfaces correctly - remember that the workstation dialup consoles
usually have the encryption options etc etc in the exact reverse order
from how they are displayed on the server.

Next - is it disconnection AFTER you authenticate? If it is before you
authenticate, make sure that you have dial in permissions on the account
you are using. There is also an annoying problem with computers not
being on the same domain when they connect... I dont have to worry about
that here, so I have never found a work around.. but if you are not a
memeber of the domain (the computer, not the user) and you try to browse
the network, you may not be able to.

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Subject: VPN between Windows 98 and Win2k

Hello list,

I need to set up a VPN connection from a Windows 98 client machine to a
Windows 2000 server. I can successfully establish a VPN connection to
this server from Win2k/XP and even WindowsME. The server is running the
routing and remote access service and accepts VPN connections using
However, Windows 98 (second edition) simply disconnects after the
authentication process with an error 645.
Any hints are greatly appreciated!

Thank you.