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Date: 08/08/02

Date: Thu, 08 Aug 2002 14:04:44 -0400
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The hope is to not have any PC's raise red flags at MS. We own licenses for
all installations of our operating systems, and then some, but to ease our
work load, we installed w2k on one machine and just made 1600 copies of it.
So we have 1600 pc's that have the same Product ID on them. I have heard
recent stories of people getting locked out of XP due to fake product ids
after visiting windows update, and if we get 1599 locked pcs, or worse, an
MS audit, that will costs hundreds of thousands in man-hours to prove
ownership of that many licenses. If an SUS works exactly as the site, then it is not what we are looking for.
And manual installation of an update to 1600 pcs is also too time consuming.
That is the main reason for using the auto update feature.

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> Has any set up an MS Software Update Service server on their network? We
> not want any Product ID information to be accessible to ANYONE outside of
> organization, including MS. If anyone has the SUS running, does it
> the Product ID, Product version, Plug-and-play information, and IE version
> of each computer that connects to it to one of the MS servers?

AFAIK no, the SUS server doesn't seem to log any specific information of the
kind about the clients that use it. Also SUS server doesn't seem to log IPs,
just a uniquely generated ID number of the client and various status flags
on update success, etc.

My plan is
> to maybe point this SUS Server to itself for auto updates, give it no
> gateway address so it can only work inside our organization, and manually
> move any updates over to it from another PC on our LAN.

you could do that by manually coping the windows update catalog and all the
patches from the MS Download sites, but that is a chore. By default SUS
server synchronizes with windows update and downloads the catalog and
updates either on admin specified schedule, or by the admin manually telling
it to.

Alternatively, you could use SMS to push updates. My question is, what are
you hoping to accomplish by manually synchronizing the SUS server?