RE: windows update reporting info back to MS? (and .NET fw SP1)

From: Amer Karim (
Date: 08/07/02

From: "Amer Karim" <>
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Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 11:30:59 -0700

In fact I believe that you don't need to enable them at all - the Automatic
update and BITS only apply to the automatic updates and aren't necessary for
manual updates. The remote registry service isn't necessary for either. I
have all three disabled on my systems.

Just be aware that on a W2K server, you'll need to enable the Remote
Registry service in order to configure certain components, i.e. RRAS, but
you can disable it after you're done.

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Subject: RE: windows update reporting info back to MS? (and .NET fw SP1)

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How to overcome the "New" Windows Update.

Stop 3 services:

Automatic Update
Background Intelligent Transfer Service
Remote Registry

Change their type from Automatic / Manual to Disabled.

Turn them on only when you want to update.

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From: Javier Sanchez (Information Systems) []
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To: Douglas R. Wilson;
Subject: RE: windows update reporting info back to MS? (and .NET fw

Unfortunately, you're probably right.

With the latest version of Windows Update (essentially a mandatory
download and now part of SP3) you consent to sending the following
information to Microsoft:

* Operating-system version number and Product Identification number
* Internet Explorer version number
* Version numbers of other software
* Plug and Play ID numbers of hardware devices

This is stated in the "Windows Update Privacy Statement" which you
read at <> You
also follow the "About Windows Update" link off the WindowsUpdate
Don't bother trying to right-click, they've made sure to disable

I haven't bothered trying to sniff that packets to see precisely what
"Other Software" they're looking at. I'll just assume that "Other"
software means "Other MICROSOFT Software, such as Office"... Maybe if
keep telling myself that, one day I'll believe it.
Has anyone taken the time to sniff and see what's going on?

- -Javier I. Sanchez

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From: Douglas R. Wilson []
Sent: Thursday, August 01, 2002 9:28 AM
Subject: windows update reporting info back to MS? (and .NET fw SP1)

I put the .NET framework on workstation for test purposes yesterday
before leaving work, and didn't put SP1 (for .NET) on it. This
the automatic update had already downloaded the patch, and prompted
apply it. (I have my windows update client set to download, but not
install unless I approve).

I went ahead, and ran the install. A few seconds in, I noticed sudden
network activity, and the install sat there for a moment. Not enough
data transfer seemed to be going on for it to be a download (and, in
theory, the patch should have already been downloaded), but I pulled
the following with netstat:


Being paranoid, doesn't this look like windows update is reporting
to microsoft? ( is owned by MS and redirects to
if you go the plain domain). In theory, I forget the
official WU blurb, but isn't "no information returned to microsoft
your computer"?

Does anyone else know anything about this? (pardon me if this is
something blatantly obvious and/or discussed -- I have had my head in
projects for a bit).



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