RE: Synchronising NT User Accounts with a database.

From: Hillel Antonov (
Date: 08/05/02

From: Hillel Antonov <>
To: 'Chris Reeve' <>,
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002 15:17:46 +0300 

Check out the product from Maxware
They have metadirectory product that can work for you.


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Subject: Synchronising NT User Accounts with a database.

Morning All,

Just looking for some advice/pointers, and I was wondering if any of you
could help?

I need to synchronise NT user accounts with a database table (that holds
username and full name information). By this I mean I need an admin to
add/delete/edit NT user accounts via the PDC and then for this
information to be applied to a database table.

Additional points.
- I don't mind using any third party code, although I would prefer for
there to be some clever MS proprietary way
- I don't mind if the admin has to do some additional task(s) but I
would like to keep it to a minimum
- The synchronisation is only required one way. NT > Database. There
will be no need for this to work the other way

- Database is SQL Sever 2000
- PDC and database are different machines

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Feel free to post directly to me.

Thanks in advance


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