FW: secure remote management of nt4 and w2k servers

From: Collins, Michael D.(IT Security & Comms) (Michael.Collins@elan.com)
Date: 08/01/02

From: "Collins, Michael D.(IT Security & Comms)" <Michael.Collins@elan.com>
To: "'focus-ms@securityfocus.com'" <focus-ms@securityfocus.com>
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2002 16:59:00 +0100 


I have a project to look at remote management software for remotely
controlling a mixture of nt4 and w2k servers.

I have looked at VNC, PC Anywhere 10.5, Net support manager, Intel LANDesk,
Dameware, RAdmin and Net ops.

Should I just stick to terminal services on the 2000 boxes?


1. good auditing (who is using tool, where they are connecting to, what
they are doing and how long session lasts );

2. speed across LAN, 56k and ISDN dial up; and

3. IP Address filtering (need to be able to restrict users to
particular IP addresses).


Has anyone else carried out a similar review or seen a similar published
review. If so, I would appreciate if u could point me in the direction.

What would be the preferred solution of the NTSecurity community? All
advices appreciated.



IT Security, Athlone, Ireland.

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