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Date: 07/31/02

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I know you are going to get "beat up" by the list members about that comment
on killing businesses through filtering. I know in our case related to
attachment blocking we have not had one request from a recipient to have an
attachment moved out of quarantine, the recipients receive the email with
the potential virus attachment stripped and replaced by a text message about
the possible virus/worm attachment. In our case our attachment
blocking/filtering is based on a corporate approved policy and we block
about 3 dozen attachment extensions.

There is no one PURE way to fight spam or viruses/worms without using a
layered approach at the border and desktop. Relying simply on desktop
products is foolish.

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> Gateway filters are killing businesses by filtering out business
> critical emails. A problem exists where those in charge of the email
> filtering don't always understand the business needs. The only pure way
> to fight Spam is through a client-side piece.
> I went through several different products, but I've been using
> Cloudmark's program successfully for about a month.
> Also, check out Sunbelt's new product. I test this product, too, but am
> waiting for the feature-set in the next release: