hfnetchk reporting

From: Ingersoll, Jared (jared@cswv.com)
Date: 07/29/02

From: "Ingersoll, Jared" <jared@cswv.com>
To: focus-ms@securityfocus.com
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 14:28:05 -0400


Several systems folks here have run into the issue of hfnetchk reporting
"Patch NOT Found" after applying the appropriate patches and rebooting. This
seem to be consistent of both NT and 2000 (though I haven't replicated this
issue myself). Anyone run into this issue with hfnetchk.exe?

here's one particular patch on an NT 4.0 sp6a server:

Patch NOT Found MS02-006 Q314147