Re: Issues/Concerns with Exchange 2000 SP3

Date: 07/26/02

To: "Ryan Lakin" <>
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 13:23:13 -0500

We've already migrated it to our production issues yet.
So far I am quite pleased with the results. The main plus is less memory
fragmentation/ issue we had quite often with our Exchange systems
over time.

We have a front-end/back-end configuration. If you guys are upgrading
similar configurations be sure to upgrade the front-end servers first
(also, if using OWA don't forget to update your HELP files - located at
<extract location>\server\setup\i386\exchange\exchweb - OWAHelpUSA.msi for
English and so forth).

A good list of Exchange SP3 fixes is available from a link on this page:;en-us;Q311456

It has been installed since approximately 11PM central time last night and
the first thing that I notice is the memory footprint being used is smaller
and it doesn't seem to be climbing as rapidly as before. So for once I
think the fixes they list related to memory usage/leaks actually worked! :)
The real test will be the weeks to come...

Also to note:

With SP3 installed Exchange 2000 is Build 6xxx.x.

SP1 = 4xxx.x
SP2 = 5xxx.x
SP3 = 6xxx.x

(I used xxx.x since your build will vary depending on Exchange 2000
hotfixes you have installed) the fixes and you'll surely find something that you will be
interested in addressing in your environment. I can do without the .NET
interoperability (at least for now) but please do not write this SP3 off as
simply a .NET fixer-upper/compatibility fix for Exchange 2000 - there are
many other valuable fixes included and it is definitely work a long, hard

Best thing is no user complaints. :) So they didn't notice...meaning it
must've worked well in that respect (2,500 OWA users would definitely bark
at me :)). No huge OWA GUI changes like SP2 had. Which is nice since the
SP2 GUI changes are great.


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Hi All,

Wanted to see if anyone has had the chance to load up the new SP3 for
Exchange 2000. Any issues with this latest service pack?