MS02-29 breaks PPTP connections for non-Admin users?

Date: 06/17/02

Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 16:18:25 -0400

MS02-29 (Q318138) can be installed via Windows Update v4.0 on 2000 systems.
I appear to have tracked down a problem with PPTP RAS connections on Windows
2000 to this patch. After applying the patch and rebooting, any user
without Administrator level access cannot initiate PPTP RAS connections.
Dialup connectors still continue to work, but PPTP connects do not.

The status on the devices shows up as "Device Missing"

If an Administrators logs in, the connection works.

If a non-administrator user is given Administrator group access, the
connection works.

And the kicker, if a non-administrator user uses "logon using dialup
networking" to login to the computer, and utilizes the PPTP connection, the
connection works, and will work for the duration of that login, even through
multiple disconnect/reconnects.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior?