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Date: 05/03/02

From: "Chris Alliey" <>
To: "Vladimir Shtern" <>, <>
Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 21:43:33 -0400

Check the NTFS rights on the machine in question. The user may be able to
install the device - but have no access to drop the files in their needed
location. We had the same problem with printers / printer drivers.

Hope that helps - Good luck.


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Subject: Access is denied


I am looking for clue how to resolve the following problem on Windows 2000
Server SP2.
When permitting a non administrator to install plug and play devices, they
cannot install the device.
The error in the New Hardware Wizard is "An error occurred during the
installation of the device. Access is denied".
The user has been granted the privilege to "Load and Unload Device Drivers"
- it is a solution recommended on MSDN, and is a member of the Power User

Your input will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,