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Date: 04/19/02

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Speaking from experience, depending on the policies in place on the network,
the laptop very well could retain sensitive information about the domain.
My example is as follows, I take my laptop home with me every night. It is
running Win2k Pro. I can leave my login information exactly the same as
when I have it plugged into my domain at the office when I login to the
laptop at home without any sort of VPN or public access to my network.

What does this mean? The laptop contains cached information (username,
password, domain name) that does not necessarily expire. I am just logging
in to use my laptop at home without connecting to any resources other than
my internet connection at the house. Dangerous, you bet. You can run
utilities to capture and recover those passwords very easily. No need to
disconnect it from the domain whatsoever.

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If you connect a machine to a Windows domain, so things like SIDs change,
machine IDs synchronised, etc, and then disconnected, what happens exactly?
Does the node that gets disconnected generate a new machine SID or does
information get left behind on the node?

Putting the question into a scenario might help :) If a laptop (NT4 or
Win2k) is connected to a domain, then is removed from the domain (as in, an
admin goes into network properties and tells the machine that it is part of
a bog standard workgroup again, is the laptop going to retain any
information that it belonged to a domain before, and possibly security
sensitive information about the domain?

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