Re: Group Policy denies access to some programs

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Date: 04/09/02

From: "Laura A. Robinson" <>
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Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 23:54:52 -0400

Okay, realizing now that you're not saying that Group Policy is what is
denying the users the ability to run the programs, I have a different
suggestion. Take a look at the compatws.inf security template. It is
designed to be applied to Windows 2000 pro boxes to allow legacy apps to run
properly (it loosens some of the registry and NTFS permissions on shared
locations). You can use group policy to deploy it if it proves successful in
allowing the applications in question to run.

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Subject: Group Policy denies access to some programs

> I have a w2000 server running AD which
> authenticates w2000 Prof. clients. I have Group
> Policy set up and my users are part of the Domain
> Users group. When these users try to access
> certain programs they get errors or access denied
> errors. I used RUN AS to install and tried installing
> under my admin account, placing a shortcut in the
> ALL USERS desktop folder. When I run the
> programs under Admin, they work fine.
> So, how can I free certainm programs to run for the
> users that need them?
> thanks
> dp