Re: Null session in Windows XP

From: sonik (
Date: 03/28/02

Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 22:06:08 -0500
From: sonik <>
To: "Evans, TJ" <>

Even when you set your settings that way, I have still on about 8/10
machines been able to log on with null sessions.

Evans, TJ wrote:

>OOC - WinXP Pro or Home?
>(I use Pro, and the following worked for me ... )
>Have you tried using the Local Security Policy snapin?
>Security Options, Network Access:
> Allow Anonymous ... (1 entry, should set to
>And Do Not Allow Anonymous ... (2 entries, should set to
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>From: Tomasz Polus []
>Sent: Wednesday, March 27, 2002 3:04 AM
>Subject: Null session in Windows XP
>Hi All,
>I have a problem with restricting null user access to Windows XP.
>I'm aware of all the information from the following articles:
>MSKB Q143474: Restricting Information Available to Anonymous
>Logon Users
>MSKB Q246261: How to Use the RestrictAnonymous Registry Value
>in Windows 2000
>RestrictAnonymous: Enumeration and the Null User
>and of course I set RestrictAnonymous and RestrictNullSessAccess
>registry keys properly (2;1). There is no problem in Windows 2000
>- these settings deny null user access to my machine.
>Unfortunately in Windows XP Professional it doesn't work this way.
>Null session still can be established... Can somebody please
>explain this to me?