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From: Rocky Stefano (
Date: 03/19/02

From: "Rocky Stefano" <>
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Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 14:02:34 -0500

I DOUBT IT. How can a vendor state that they can break an SSL encrypted
channel in order to detect if an attack is being propagated through it or
not. If that was the case then ecommerce would be dead right now.

Yes they can detect certain SSL exploits and weaknesses but they nor anyone
else can READ an already established and encrypted channel.

At that point you need a good host based intrusion agent on your web server
or host in question.

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        I just had a meeting with Cisco and they say that they do read the
SSL traffic with their IDS systems Also they say that their IDS system
closes ports when the problem comes up.

Is this true


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Most if not all IDS's cannot really look at SSL streams for attacks
propagated through them because the channel is encrypted.

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Subject: Firewall or IDS

Your comment:

(As part of my "day job" I've successfully hacked several networks
a firewall which restricted traffic to HTTP and ran IDS
port 443 is usually more than enough to get in, and the IDS systems
flag me...all tests performed with permission of course!)

makes me nervous as I admin a firewall at a third party to protect our
Where these attacks recognised ones, special or a port 443
Is there anything I need to read up on here?

Tony Deacon

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