RE: HFNetChk Pro vs. other means to push out updates

From: Colin Stefani (
Date: 03/19/02

From: Colin Stefani <>
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Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 09:44:09 -0800

One product we use for patch distribution is PatchLink (,
which has been good. It's an agent based product that is licensed on a per
machine/node basis. We use it for all our servers and then use SMS for
sending out to the workstations, since our workstations are fairly
standardized the patches are all the same but our servers are different from
each other in many cases.

Patchlink takes some tweaking, but the company is helpful and willing to
work with you. It's a commercial product, so it does cost money to use, but
we felt it did a better job than HFNetChk in terms of looking at
applications in addition to OS patches as well as the fact is allowed for
silent distribution and automated reboots. It also performs check summing
and version checking of files in addition to registry entries, which at the
time of our evaluation hfnetchk didn't do (or do well) and was something we
wanted and felt made a patch product more complete.

Also, I understand from a Microsoft SE, that the new version of SMS will
include a version HFNetChk (or something like it) built in to it and will
have a security patch "component" for running audits on machines, creating a
package and scheduling distribution of the patches via package. I saw a beta
of it and it looked pretty useful. So that might be something else to
consider, especially since SMS is generally cheaper per node to run than
most other agent/node licensed management products and does a good job with
an all MS network of machines or if you run it already.


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Subject: HFNetChk Pro vs. other means to push out updates

Has anyone investigated HFNetChk Pro (the pay version of HFNetChk, offered
directly from I have been trying to download the demo but the
link appears to be dead and am looking for input from anyone who has used it
and compared it to other means of deploying updates.