RE: HFNetChk Pro vs. other means to push out updates

From: Paul Hemstock (
Date: 03/19/02

From: Paul Hemstock <>
To: "''" <>,
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 16:58:16 -0000

we are currently comparing it against's UpdateEXPERT, and
whilst in the early stages of evaluating, ( i got the shavlik software
yesterday ) HFNetChk Pro has one clear advantage for me.

The servers to scan can be specified by ip address, whereas in UpdateEXPERT
only machines in local and neighboring domains show and there does not
appear to be an easy way to force it to see other domains ( for instance,
machines without domains )

other than that, i'd be interested in what others have to say on the subject

Paul Hemstock

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> Subject: HFNetChk Pro vs. other means to push out updates
> Has anyone investigated HFNetChk Pro (the pay version of
> HFNetChk, offered
> directly from I have been trying to download
> the demo but the
> link appears to be dead and am looking for input from anyone
> who has used it
> and compared it to other means of deploying updates.