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From: Alex Elger (
Date: 03/12/02

From: "Alex Elger" <>
To: "Mendoza Bazan, Luis - (Per)" <>
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 09:55:50 -0000

Are you outputting them to a text file?
if so you could do
date>> textfile.txt
at the end of your script (Via a batch file)

REM Batch Start
date>> textfile.txt
REM Batch End

The reason that you use the >> rather than the > is because ">>" appends to
the last line of the text file.
Use the "at" or scheduler service to schedule the automated log dump.
Hope that this is of some help
Alex Elger

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Subject: Logs from WinNT/2k and


I am finding a procedure of automatize the record of logs from Windows
servers. I know that the tool can, but I don't know a procedure
that, with this tool, I can save the eventviewer log with the date and
execute this procedure through a schedule.
Someone know how make this please?

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