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From: Michael Ward (
Date: 03/01/02

Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 12:39:45 -0500
From: "Michael Ward" <>
To: "Mike Carney" <>, "Stuart Fox (DSL AK)" <>, "Lee Leahu" <>, "Bill Mote" <>, <>

From what I gather you don't need to install the patch for Exchange
2000, just Exchange 5.5.

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To: Stuart Fox (DSL AK); Lee Leahu; Bill Mote;
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Exchange 2000 uses the SMTP engine that comes installed with IIS.

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Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2002 4:28 PM
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It looks like a bundled IIS fix - as the SMTP server is a component of
it seems they're bundling the lot together.

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> Ok, that makes sense,
> but why do you need ntfsdrv.dll????
> Lee
> Bill wrote:
> asp.dll might need patching to fix CDONTS. That's my best guess. bm
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> From: Vladimir Ivanov []
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> Hi All!
> "Microsoft has released a patch for Windows 2000 that will
> eliminate a
> vulnerability that exists because a malicious user could
> issue a specially
> formatted, non-RFC compliant SMTP command that will result in
> a Denial of
> Service attack. This would be carried out more typically
> through a custom
> application where the malformed data would cause the SMTP
> service to fail.
> Download now to prevent a possible Denial of Service Attack."
> Patch is available to download:
I just download this patch and look at the files containted into it:
asp.dll ????????
ntfsdrv.dll ??????
Does anybody know
what asp.dll and ntfsdrv.dll doing in this patch ?
Vladimir Ivanov

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