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From: Vincent Lee (
Date: 02/22/02

From: "Vincent Lee" <>
To: "Samuel Zechariah Harvey" <>, <>
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 14:03:59 -0500

Depending on which version of Windows you have, via Windows XP you can
configure Windows Update (while you are at the site only) to download the
patches using the catalog feature. I can't post the exact steps since I have
Windows 98 installed at work (from where I am posting this). Vaguely, if you
connect to Windows Update, there is an option on the left side for Windows
Update Catalog. I believe this will eventually allow you to download
individual patches to your hard drive. Hope this helps.

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Subject: Patch Downloading from Microsoft

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Having just received Microsoft Product Security Bulletins MS02-008
thru 0010, I went to download the patches necessary. In each bulletin
it lists Windows Update as the *ONLY* means to download these
patches. Does anyone know if this will be the standard, or if
Microsoft is just releasing these patches in this manner? If this is
a glimpse of things to come, what does Microsoft hope to accomplish
by this? Do they realize how much harder this will be to
script/implement/update computers in a large network environment?
Especially if they have to contact Microsoft via the internet,
instead of grabbing the patches from an intranet site? I really hope
this is not a developing trend.

Zech Harvey, MCP

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