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Date: 02/22/02

From: "Toland, Dave" <>
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Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 10:29:58 -0500

The last time I saw this, I looked at the details. The reason the
signing certificate was being flagged was because the verification
code was unable to find a current revocation list, so was unable to
certify that the certificate was still valid. This means the certificate
source is trusted and the certificate itself is not expired, but that
the software could not guarantee that the Certification Authority had
not issued a revocation for the certificate.

For my part, that was a "good enough" confidence level to proceed
with the installation. But I would never proceed without checking
the reason a signature was flagged.

This does beg the question of why a valid CRL wasn't available though.

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All security patches are signed. Once you download the file, right click
on it and view properties, you should see a tab for digital signatures.

If you expand the signed package, the files within the patch won't have a
digital signatures tab, however, after you install it, run sigverif.exe and
you can verify that all the files are now signed (the CAT file registers
all the files as signed)

What gave you the error messages below? Had you enabled a security policy
on your system to "not install unsigned drivers"? I've found that this
will usually cause problems as it views the files as unsigned before they
are registered via the CAT file.

At 04:32 PM 2/21/2002 +0800, wrote:

>Recently, when I try to download patches from Microsoft I get the messages
>"Unknown Software Package", "The Software you are trying to install is not
>signed." "Microsoft cannot guarantee that this software will work with
>Windows." etc.
>Is this just temporary or is this the extension of the Mircrosoft
>towards the patches?
>What is safer, install no patches or install unsigned patches?

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