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From: Moorhouse, Walt P (
Date: 02/15/02

From: "Moorhouse, Walt P" <>
To: 'Andy Pham' <>,
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 10:26:41 -0500


You can turn it off manually by going into Tools, General tab, uncheck Macro
Virus protection. I think Word and Excel both have this, and you have to
check it in each. You should have been able to find this in help. You did
RTFM, right? :-) As for a reg value, I don't have the time at work to find
out, but I'll tell you how you can find out. Go into regedit and export the
complete tree. Go into word and excel and uncheck the box, then go back
into regedit and export the full tree again. Then use your favorite
comparison program to find what changed. Hexworkshop is good for Windows,
or if you have access to a Linux box you can use diff... Or you could write
a quick and dirty program using string compares in your favorite language.
Then just pull the lines that changed out of the reg file and set them how
you want them. You can merge them in the login script. Good luck.


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Actually I have two questions. First, can you turn off the Macro prompt in MS office manually? (MS office will prompt you when you receive a Macro file if you want to run Macro or not)

Secondly, if it can be turn off manually in MS Office, is there the way I can edit the registry so that it'll be turn on when the users log in the network? (with .reg files)

Any help will be appreciated.


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