RE: Secure Transactions over HTTPS????

From: Evans, TJ (
Date: 02/08/02

From: "Evans, TJ" <>
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 12:32:47 -0500 

I just posted this response to another mailing list earlier today, but
applies here as well ... regarding "to encrypt, or not to encrypt"

To paraphrase, it goes something like this:
Think of what it is your company makes, does or sells ... or is planning on
doing so in the future.
... and how it makes it and/or does it, how much it costs to do so, etc.
... and who it sells it to ... and for how much .. and where this money goes
<bank account names & numbers, partners, salaries, etc.>
Think of what differentiates you from your competitors .. quality, quantity,
unique products/information/processes, etc.
Now think of what would happen to your company if your competition knew all
of this.

I also don't think I would trust any of my medical or financial information
<for example> to be secure just by luck. Someone wins the lottery, so by
the same math someone who was trying would/could get someone's information


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