RE: Deploying Hotfixes, SPs and other Software

From: Brad Judy (
Date: 11/29/01

From: "Brad Judy" <>
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Subject: RE: Deploying Hotfixes, SPs and other Software
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 09:10:02 -0700
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There are several third-party tools for creating MSI packages. Looking up
messages on the subject I see that admins in higher ed are using: Wise,
InstallShield, SMS, and Veritas WinInstall MSI applications.

I do not have personal experience with these apps, but they are being used
extensively at some schools.

Service Packs are available in MSI as described in MS KB article Q269732.
Hotfixes are not yet available in MSI and probably will not be, at least in
the near future. Don't get me started on that conversation.

Brad Judy
Information Technology Services
University of Colorado at Boulder

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> At 12:36 PM 11/28/2001 -0500, Pete Jacob wrote:
> >look in the resource kit...
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> >there are MS utilitys to create .MSI packages out of
> >anything... even non MS packages...
> Could you be a bit more specific? I have looked all through the resource
> kit and can't find any .msi package creation tools. Veritas has WinLite
> (or something) software that ships with Windows to create .msi files- but
> then, you are to start with a 'clean' PC, take Discovery snapshots and
> build the .msi files like that- a *royal* PITA. I have messaged around
> with it a bit, and tried other methods of building packages, but it seems
> that you have to buy the full version for any real functionality.
> I too think that hotfixes, SP's, and other install packages not being in
> MSI format is uncool. Why should I have to run SMS to distribute
> software
> when Group Policy allows me to do it so easily (and without additional
> cost, administration, and security concerns).
> Is anyone else actually *doing* this and happy with a method of easily
> creating .msi packages from .exe setup files?
> Thanks
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