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Date: 11/26/01

Subject: Re: System Account Password
To: Cav <>
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From: "John Wienand" <>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 15:58:22 -0500

We got the same error message when one of our users was
attempting to connect remotely to a Shiva server. We were
able to determine that the message was bogus, because the
real error was that it wasn't finding the Domain at all.
Try the connection without specifying a Domain. That is
ultimately what worked for us.

But, the bottom line is the computer account or password is
not the issue.


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I administer a Windows NT4 domain and am having issues with
remote dial-up
(VPN) users who travel. Occasionally, these users are going
on travel and
are experiencing problems with their machine account
passwords. They get
to the remote location and logon using dial-up networking
and are getting
the following error message.

The system could not log you on to this domain because the
computer account in its primary domain is missing or the
password on that
account is incorrect

The computer accounts do exist (they're added to the domain
during the
standard laptop build), and so I believe these users are
using their
laptops only after an extended period of non-usage, causing
the machine
account passwords to be out of sync. Is this true or could
it be something
else (it happens occasionally, but much less frequently to
workstations on
the domain)? And the biggest question I have is how can I
resolve this
issue while the user is on travel (i.e. remotely)? The
users don't have
administrator access to their laptops, basically just user
access. Currently we're subjected to sending up a
replacement hard drive
to the user...not a very convenient process. Any help would
be appreciated.

-Steven T.

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