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Date: 11/10/01

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Subject: RE: Advanced batch files for Hotfix Reporter... <command line ema iler>
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 22:14:56 -0500 

I use gbmail ... assuming you have an email server somewhere available <or a
open relay :)> ... nice, small footprint, and functional .. requires no
other services/servers running. Options include <example>:

gbmail [-v] -to <addres> [-file <filename>] [-h <smtp_server_name>]
        [-p <port_number>] [-from <addres>] [-cc <Cc:>] [-bcc <Bcc:>]
        [-s <Subject:>] [-t <timeout>]

I use this for several of our self-monitoring machines ... or to send error
messages, etc.


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From: Taylor, Gord []
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Subject: RE: Advanced batch files for Hotfix Reporter...

If you have SMTP installed on your IIS 5.0 web server (probably works on 4.0
as well), this is easy to accomplish. Simply write out to a file in the
\InetPut\MailRoot\Pickup folder (assuming you didn't customize the
location). SMTP will pick up the file and send it automatically. It needs to
be formatted as follows:

Subject: Results

<...write out your contents here...>

<End the file with two blank lines.>

What I've done in the past with applications, is simply write out whatever I
want to a file, then prepend the above 5 lines to the file and ensure two
blank lines at the end. I them move the file into the pickup folder.

Works great, and only takes 1-2 seconds for SMTP to pick it up and deliver

'til later
Gord T.

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From: Ken Spreitzer []
Sent: Friday, November 02, 2001 11:41 PM
Subject: Advanced batch files for Hotfix Reporter...

...are now available. We've made available batch files for prompting for
hosts to scan, prompting for all parameters, emailing, etc.

More info here:

I'd be interested in hearing what programs people use to send an email from
the command line [within a batch file].

Ken Spreitzer
Maximized Software

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